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I’ve been involved in a discussion on gender equality recently. Although all my responses are true of me, I realized that they do not speak the entire truth about me. It seems that within my gender identity alone, there exists already lot of layers to my attitude and personality. And some of it are even more complexed by the fact that I’m a blood-drinker.

And that is just one aspect of my life. My other beliefs and thoughts have dimensions to them that I still haven’t even seriously dissected. (If I did, then chances are I would find more layers within me about who I am).

Within my parameters of self-discovery, I have yet to find a total absolute about me. If I am this complex and deep, then so are you and that colored/white/religious person/atheist/straight/gay/etc. person next to me and you.

So how come all people do is to look at each other with prejudice?