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A friend forwarded this text message:

“When heaven hands you something great,
take it without asking why or what for.”

A lot of us are likely to shake their fists at the sky when problems occur but a whole lot more are likely  to feel hesitant when wonderful things, with or without reason, drop at our feet.

I’ve observed that most people, when they receive blessings, usually think that they don’t deserve it or feel that they have to do something in exchange for the good things they deserve. Some even feel dread that when a good thing happened, something bad would follow.

I wonder why is that. I wonder why it’s easy to forget to be thankful and and just enjoy the gifts we get.


And I thought about how timely the above quote is.

For several weeks, I wanted to hear K’s voice again. Tonight, heaven answered my prayer.

When things like this happen, my head would be usually filled with thoughts about what it all meant and how it fits with the grand scheme of things. Because now that I have been learning how to be thankful of heaven’s little gifts, I am able to appreciate this wonderful moment–I was reassured of his safety and I am thankful that the awkwardness I was feeling after our last fight was resolved.

I don’t know when I’d be able to talk to him again but that is not what matter. I am happy.