After dinner…

Kid sister: Mom, I’m sleepy…

Mom: I need to go out for a while. Your brother will tuck you in.

Kid sister: But I don’t want to sleep in his room.

Younger brother: But I can’t smoke in yours. It’s either you sleep in my room with company or you sleep alone in yours. Don’t worry, I’ll carry you back to your room when mom returns.

(my sister’s dead scared of sleeping alone you see.)

Kid sister: Fine. But I want a bed time story!

Younger brother: What?!

Kid sister: A bed time story!!

Younger brother: Oh all right. One day, there was this very cool guy~

Me (butting-in): ~Oh shut up! You’re just gonna tell a story to praise yourself.

Younger brother (cackles)

That’s my crazy family for you. :3