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I planned to sleep early but I ended up having a chat with a friend until the wee hours of the morning.

She reminded me what an untameable force love is*.

But how can I make her understand that the seeds of love cannot possibly hope to flourish where there is a lot of fear

…of being alone
…of being left behind.

Its growth will be choked by thorns of desperation and its beauty will be twisted by loathing.

…both for the self
…and the beloved.

How can I make her understand that in order to fully love and be loved, one needs

to throw away all the desire

…to avoid pain
…and to take control of the beloved and of one’s feelings;

to open one’s heart to trust for the self and for the beloved;

to listen and speak one’s truth;

and to embrace all possibilities


For love is to take risk and to take courage and to believe that all experiences are necessary for growth and yes,

…for love.

*Love is an untameable force.
~ Paulo Coelho