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I didn’t know it was full moon tonight until I stepped out of the house to hunt for food. The moonbeams filtering through the clouds and the trees were enticingly beautiful.

No wonder the thirst haven’t been as bad even if it had almost been a week since I fed properly. I only had a few drops last night to take the edge off.


Yes, I’m one of those “people”.

Don’t ask me what type. I haven’t really figured it out yet. And I don’t really care much for labels.

My only concern is food. And had I not been hungry, I would have scurried back home as soon as I neared that vacant lot I mentioned in yesterday’s post. I did say the place felt like a gate-way to another world.

As I walked through the shadows, I felt something or someone fall into step just a little bit behind me on my immediate right, and at times on my left. There was enough light and open space for to determine that I was indeed alone on that stretch of road.

Ah well. It wasn’t the first time.

These kinds of things always happen to me but despite what I am, I still can’t seem to get used to it. Tsk.


I used to hate washing dishes. It was irritating. Didn’t really know why.

But I’ve taken a liking to it recently because it affords me the time to let my thoughts fly and still be productive at the same time.